Artist Statement

Conforming to and breaking social standards are main preoccupations in my work. Loaded expectations for women in the tattoo industry have yielded interesting results. By exploring the associations of the fairer gender, I was able to stretch and expand various viewpoints on the subject, while maintaining a limited label. Tattoos and body modifications are a part of an increasingly acceptable culture but becomes it’s own limiting label when immersed in it. There is also a set of hierarchies and expectations, especially for women in what was previously seen as a defiance-based field. My work is usually created with an emphasis on line, serving as a physical mapping of images and ideas without being fully resolved. The tension in the lines of the drawing has a different impact in the viewer than the clean, straightforward line work commonly seen in tattoos. Printmaking serves as an appropriate medium as the marks made by my hands can be transferred to a printable surface and the multiples produced can increase the amount of tension in the work.